The Cantonese Scrolls (粵卷)

Jonathan Vasquez (范俊樂, fearedbliss,

2023 年 10 月 20 日 10 點 00 分 鐘

Welcome to The Cantonese Scrolls (粵卷) - A Cantonese Language Learning Mental RPG.

This game can be played in two modes:

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Game Standards

A Living Document

This game is a living document, and will continuously be updated with more content, extensions, and language corrections.

NOTE: The Core Audio Reference is not yet implemented. Please search online for Jyutping pronunciation guides to get a feel for the sound of the language. You’ll then be able to pronounce any of the material in the game.

License and Attribution

Everything in this game may be freely used for educational purposes only.

This project also uses open source components from the projects listed in our Attribution section. Thank you!


This game is dedicated to helping preserve the Cantonese language as I currently understand it by recording what I’ve learned through study, and my lived experience using it. I believe that the language is in danger of becoming extinct, not during my lifetime, but in the lifetime of future generations. We can already see this has happened, and is currently happening to various other Chinese languages such as Hakka, Fujianese, Shanghainese, and Hokkien. Since Cantonese has no formal standardization for its phonetic and writing systems, it is extremely difficult for a new learner to pick up the language. I will be using my game as a way to essentially create a defacto standard for the language. I am not looking for agreement or consensus, and the game is not open for contribution. However, I will continue to learn the language, record my progress, refine my teaching strategy, and create something that people can immediately start using today, and that future generations can continue to use as well. If you agree, I hope you can find these resources useful. If you disagree, that’s ok! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.