The Cantonese Scrolls (粵卷)

Jonathan Vasquez (范俊樂, fearedbliss,

2024 年 01 月 15 日 10 點 00 分 鐘

Welcome to The Cantonese Scrolls (粵卷) - A Cantonese Language Learning Mental RPG.

This game can be played in two modes:

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Game Standards

A Living Document

This game is a living document, and will continuously be updated with more content, extensions, and language corrections. Furthermore, there is no audio component for the game. However, the entire game is using the Jyutping Romanization System, and thus you can easily find guides online on how to pronounce it.

License and Attribution

This game is licensed under the Attribution 4.0 International.

Open Source components used in the game are listed in the Attribution section. Thank you!


Since Cantonese has no formal standardization for its phonetic and writing systems, it is extremely difficult for a new learner to find resources for it, and pick up the language. My goal for this game is to document the Cantonese language as I currently understand it, and create a fun and simple large body of work, that can be freely used by anyone to learn the language.

The following is my recommended list of Cantonese tools and resources. I’m not sponsored by any of these organizations, and have spent my own money for all of my material. If I ever do become sponsored in any way, I’ll mention it.

Cantonese Textbooks

My Cantonese book collection consists mostly from books purchased at the Greenwood Press. They have an amazing, high quality Cantonese book collection, and they definitely deserve support.

Cantonese Dictionaries

I normally use a combination of Pleco w/ their paid Cantonese Dictionaries & Extensions, and Cantodict.

Cantonese Keyboards (iOS & Android)

You can type Cantonese on your phone as follows:


  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards.
  2. Select Add New Keyboard.
  3. Search for Cantonese, Traditional
  4. Select Phonetic
  5. Click Done.

Note: The iOS Cantonese Phonetic Keyboard is not Jyutping, but a close variation. Hopefully one day Apple will support the native Jyutping keyboard directly.


  1. Download Gboard.
  2. Follow its instructions and enable Jyutping when picking the phonetic system.

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