Greetings, stranger. I’m surprised to see you here.

Please make yourself at home. There are many activities that you can do in Town. You can use this as a place to rest, reflect on your practice, and plan for your future adventures. There are currently three locations you can travel to from here, the Dungeons, Barracks, and the Halls of Philosophy.

Before leaving Town, make sure to read the How To Play section below. Once that’s done, go to the Waypoint at the bottom of this page, and proceed to Dungeon 1 in the Dungeons.

How To Play

The Cantonese Scrolls is designed to be played completely in your mind. All of your adventures and encounters will take place here, in the land of Elm. As you travel and explore the land, you will need to be careful with the dangers that exist in the unknown. To start off, you’ll need to get your starting equipment. Head on over to the Barracks and grab a copy of Core Set 1. Always keep this with you. There is no need for you to memorize anything in there at the moment. You’ll be using it as an aide throughout your adventures.

As you adventure into the unknown, you will fight many fierce monsters. These monsters are called Monsters of Understanding, and they will usually not be alone. You will need to strategically fight these monsters and use your combat and mental abilities to defeat them. The monsters are defeated when you can understand them. Only you will be able to determine when they are truly defeated. Use your abilities to slowly analyze each monster and understand their meaning, their nature, and how they relate to each other. How are the monsters helping each other out? Inspect each component of the monster, their Character, Sound, and Translation. Allow the Character to help you visualize your environment. Once a monster is defeated, they will automatically be added to your Deck of Knowledge. You can then start experimenting with the monster. Each monster should be understood in isolation since they can re-appear in the future in any unforeseeable amount of combinations. Don’t try to anticipate what will come, simply analyze what’s happening in the moment, internalize it, and experiment with it. Simulate your own monster encounters. Take each character and try to break it. What can you do with this character? What new possibilities are now possible? See where your imagination takes you!

As you clear the dungeons and defeat the Monsters of Understanding, make sure that you truly have defeated them, that you truly understand them. Continuing further down the dungeon while leaving monsters behind is dangerous, and potentially lethal, since encountering a stronger opponent may mean you need to attempt to retreat, however, your escape route now has been blocked by previous monsters that will attack you! As you progress deeper and deeper in the dungeon, the monsters will get harder and harder. Once you reach the end of the Dungeon, you will be confronted with a Boss. If you encounter a Boss that is too difficult, you have a few options:

If you Attempt to Retreat, you can either go back to Town to rest and reflect on your findings, or you can go to any previous dungeon, or monster encounter that hasn’t been defeated.

If you Go to the Side Dungeon, you will enter Side Dungeon 1. In there you will find more monsters, but these have been tamed to help you. There may be some further advice and explanations that can aid you in defeating the Boss. Be careful when fighting Bosses or monsters of higher rarity, since they may have special abilities!

With that said stranger, never forget that the way to learn a language, is to build a world around it.

Welcome to The Cantonese Scrolls. Your adventure awaits …


Below you’ll find a list of destinations that you can fast travel to: