Side Dungeon 4 | 1 (第四層地牢 | 第一部)

Refinement Objectives

This dungeon contains monsters that refine your training on:

Searching The Room

When it comes to the use of 都 (dou1), we understand that this is used to refer to everything in a set. For example:

keoi5 dei2 dou1 hai6 hoeng1 gong2 jan4.
They are all Hong Kongers.

However, we can also use 都 (dou1), to mean also:

ngo5 zung1 ji3 jam2 seoi2keoi5 dou1 zung1 ji3 jam2 seoi2.
I like to drink water. She also likes to drink water.

Congratulations! You have completed this dungeon! Please proceed to the next one. Stay safe.