Core Set 2


Word Pronunciation Meaning Classifier
電話 din6 waa2 Phone
手機 sau2 gei1 Cellphone
電腦 din6 nou5 Computer
電視 din6 si6 Television
飛機 fei1 gei1 Plane
地鐵 dei6 tit1 Train
的士 dik1 si2 Taxi 部 / 架
小巴 siu2 baa1 Mini Bus
hei3 A movie
沙灘 saa1 taan1 Beach
hoi2 Ocean
gung1 Work
醫生 ji1 sang1 Doctor
fong4 A room
mun4 Door
hau2 Mouth
門口 mun4 hau2 Entrance
出口 ceot1 hau2 Exit
joek6 Medicine
中藥 zung1 joek6 Chinese Medicine
西藥 sai1 joek6 Western Medicine
西藥房 sai1 joek6 fong4 Western Pharmacy
地方 dei6 fong1 Place
舖頭 pou3 tau2 A shop
超級市場 ciu1 kap1 si5 coeng4 Supermarket
城市 sing4 si5 City
唐人街 tong4 jan4 gaai1 Chinatown
時間 si4 gaan3 Time
公園 gung1 jyun2 A park, garden
圖書館 tou4 syu1 gun2 Library
廁所 ci3 so2 Toilet / Bathroom (Informal)
洗手間 sai2 sau2 gaan1 Bathroom


Word Pronunciation Meaning
maai6 To sell
jap6 To enter
ceot1 To exit
lai4 To come
faan2 To return
fong3 To let go / release.
gin3 To see
lok6 To get off a vehicle. To Fall / Drop (Snow/Rain/Downstairs).
使 sai2 To spend (Money)
haan1 To save (Money)
hoi1 To open (Doors, Windows, Some Electronics)
saan1 To close (Doors, Windows, Some Electronics)
cing2 To request
man6 To ask
bong1 To help
joek3 To make an appointment
wan3 To search, To look for
sung3 To gift / To deliver
zaa1 To drive
hang4 To walk
daap3 To travel by
co5 To sit
kei5 To stand
繼續 gai3 zuk6 To continue
肚餓 tou5 ngo6 To be hungry
頸渴 geng2 hot3 To be thirsty
baau2 To be full
bei2 To give


Word Pronunciation Meaning
gwai3 Expensive


Word Pronunciation Meaning
zeoi3 The most
zung6 Still
saai3 All of them.
jyun4 All of them and finished.


Word Pronunciation Used for
bou6 Electronics
zoeng1 Tables and flat sheets
ci3 Number of times
ceot1 Movies

Pointing, Position, Direction

Word Pronunciation Meaning
便 bin6 Side
前便 cin4 bin6 In front of
後便 hau6 bin6 Behind
隔離 gaak3 lei4 Next to
中間 zung1 gaan1 In the middle of
外面 ngoi6 min6 Outside
內面 noi6 min6 Inside
自己 zi6 gei2 Oneself. Person previously mentioned.


Word Pronunciation Meaning
雖然 seoi1 jin4 Although
不過 bat1 gwo3 However
除咗 .. 之外 ceoi4 zo2 .. zi1 ngoi6 Besides ..
.. 先 sin1 .. First
一路 X 一路 Y jat1 lou6 X jat1 lou6 Y Do X while also doing Y.
dak1 Doing something in this way.


Word Pronunciation Meaning
廿 jaa6 Twenty
saa1 Thirty


Word Pronunciation Meaning
sin1 1 Cent. Penny.
hou4 10 Cents. Dime.


Word Pronunciation Meaning
多謝 do1 ze6 Thank You (Gifts, Compliments)
唔該 m4 goi1 Thank You (A service or physical help)
唔使 m4 sai2 You’re welcome (No need)
你好 nei5 hou2 Hello
早晨 zou2 san4 Good Morning
再見 zoi3 gin3 Goodbye
請問 cing2 man4 May I please ask (formal)
點呀? dim2 aa4? How are you?
冇問題 mou5 man6 tai4 No problem
哈哈 haa1 haa1 Haha (Laughing)

Starting / Ending Expressions

Word Pronunciation Meaning
o6 Shows understanding
me1 Shows being surprised
aa1 Shows agreement
aa4 For questions
wo3 Shows that something is important or some new knowledge
ne1 What about?
ze1 Only. Just.