Core Set 1

The following words are part of the Core Set. This set contains the base material needed to start learning the language. The Booster and Expansion packs, will provide further content to increase your level in the language. Once you are proficient in this content, you can continue to Core Set 2. If a dungeon mentions that it requires a particular set, it means you should be using all of the material from the mentioned set, and any sets below it since they all build upon each other.

Booster packs provide lateral content within the same set. This means it’s just additional vocabulary for you to play with. Boosters do not contain a difficulty increase or new mechanics (grammar, exceptions, etc). A supplementary set of additional Animals and Locations are examples of Booster packs.

Expansion packs will introduce new vocabulary and mechanics that will increase your knowledge and usage of the language. Expansion packs are introduced as part of a Set. Thus, Core Set 2 is considered the first expansion pack.

You should consider everything in here as available equipment to aid your adventures. Stay safe!


Word Pronunciation Meaning
ngo5 I
nei5 You
keoi5 He / She / It
dei2 Indicator: Plurality (Pronouns)


Word Pronunciation Meaning
hai6 To be
jau5 To have
mou5 To not have
鍾意 zung1 ji3 To like
sik6 To eat
jam2 To drink
zou6 To do
可以 ho2 ji5 To be able to
giu3 To call
tai2 To read, watch, look
hok6 To learn
heoi3 To go
maai5 To buy
soeng2 To want
jiu3 To need
zau2 To leave


Word Pronunciation Meaning
leng3 Beautiful
hou2 Good. Very.
唔好 m4 hou2 Bad
do1 Many
siu3 Few
daai6 Big
sai3 Small
後生 hau6 saang1 Young (Person)
lou5 Old (Person)
zan1 Really. Real.


Word Pronunciation Used For
go3 General / Generic
zek3 Animals + Some Objects
bun2 Books
tiu4 Fish and other long stuff.
gaan3 Houses, Rooms, Buildings.
gaa3 Machines (Cars, Planes, Etc)
bui1 Cups
wai4 Honorifics (People). Seats (Sitting).
zi1 Long, thin, inflexible stuff.
zung2 Kind of, Type of

Particles and Indicators

Word Pronunciation Meaning Type
m4 Negate Indicator
hai2 Location Indicator
ge2 Ownership Indicator
di1 Plurality (People and Objects) Indicator
dou1 Everything in the previous set. Indicator

Questions and Responses

Word Pronunciation Meaning
邊個 bin1 go3 Who
乜嘢 mat1 je5 What
幾時 gei2 si4 When
邊度 bin1 dou6 Where
點解 dim2 gaai2 Why
因為 jan1 wai6 Because
dim2 How
gei2 How many
問題 man6 tai4 Question. Problem.

Pointing, Position, Direction

Word Pronunciation Meaning
呢個 ni1 go3 This
嗰個 go2 go3 That
soeng6 Top
haa6 Bottom
zo2 Left
jau6 Right
cin4 Front
hau6 Back
上個 soeng6 go3 Previous
下個 haa6 go3 Next
之前 zi1 cin4 Before
之後 zi1 hau6 After

Tenses (Past, Present, Future) / Success / Failure

Word Pronunciation Meaning
wui2 Going to
zo2 Already completed. Finished.
gan2 Currently doing
gwo3 Have already experienced
mei6 Have not yet
dou3 Verb completed successfully
唔倒 m4 dou3 Verb failed


Word Pronunciation Meaning Classifier
jan4 Person
朋友 pang4 jau5 Friend
老師 lou5 si1 Teacher
先生 sin1 saang1 Mr.
小姐 siu2 ze2 Miss (Young Girl)
ming4 Name
je5 Thing
man1 Dollar
hou6 Number
fo3 Lesson
cin4 Money
seoi2 Water
caa4 Tea
咖啡 gaa3 fe1 Coffee
zau2 Alcohol
啤酒 be1 zau2 Beer
紅酒 hung4 zau2 Red Wine
faa1 Flower
coi3 Vegetable
生果 saang1 gwo2 Fruit
果汁 gwo2 zap1 Juice
toi4 Table
bat1 Pen
鉛筆 jyun4 bat1 Pencil
功課 gung1 fo3 Homework
甜品 tim4 ban2 Dessert
雪糕 syut3 gou1 Ice Cream
雪條 syut3 tiu2 Ice Cream (on a stick). Popsicle.
語言 jyu5 jin4 Language
國家 gwok3 gaa1 Country
世界 sai3 gaai3 World. Planet.


Word Pronunciation Meaning Classifier
屋企 uk1 kei2 Home
屋企人 uk1 kei2 jan4 Family
爸爸 baa4 baa1 Father
媽媽 maa4 maa1 Mother
爸爸媽媽 baa4 baa1 maa4 maa1 Parents
哥哥 go4 go1 Older Brother
姐姐 ze4 ze1 Older Sister
細佬 sai3 lou6 Younger Brother
細妹 sai3 mui2 Younger Sister
老公 lou5 gung1 Husband
老婆 lou5 po4 Wife
zai2 Son
neoi5 Daughter. Girl. Female.


Word Pronunciation Meaning Classifier
syu1 Book
ce1 Car
單車 daan1 ce1 Bicycle


Word Pronunciation Meaning
同埋 tung4 maai4 And
定係 ding6 hai6 Or (Question)
或者 waak6 ze2 Or (Statement). Maybe, Probably.
但係 daan6 hai6 But
淨係 zing6 hai6 Only
已經 ji5 ging1 Already
如果 jyu4 gwo2 If
所以 so2 ji5 So. Therefore.
zung6 Still


Word Pronunciation Meaning Classifier
gau2 Dog
maau1 Cat
gai1 Chicken
jyu4 Fish
ngau4 Cow
lung4 Dragon
maa5 Horse
動物 dung6 mat6 Animal


Word Pronunciation Meaning Classifier
蘋果 ping4 gwo2 Apple
lei4 Pear
caang2 Orange
香蕉 hoeng1 ziu1 Banana
士多啤梨 si6 do1 be1 lei2 Strawberry
芒果 mong1 gwo2 Mango
多士 do1 si6 Toast
baau1 Bread
min6 Noodles
菠蘿 bo1 lo4 Pineapple
菠蘿包 bo1 lo4 baau1 Pineapple Bun
叉燒包 caa1 siu1 baau1 BBQ Roast Pork Bun


Word Pronunciation Meaning
美國 mei5 gwok3 United States
中國 zung1 gwok3 China
香港 hoeng1 gong2 Hong Kong
英國 jing1 gwok3 United Kingdom
日本 jat6 bun2 Japan
紐約 nau2 joek3 New York


Word Pronunciation Meaning
英文 jing1 man4 English
中文 zung1 man4 Chinese
廣東話 gwong2 dung1 waa6 Cantonese
國語 gwok3 jyu2 Mandarin
日文 jat6 man2 Japanese
西班牙語 sai1 baan1 ngaa4 jyu5 Spanish
韓文 hon4 man2 Korean


Word Pronunciation Meaning
ling4 0
jat1 1
ji6 2
saam1 3
sei3 4
ng5 5
luk6 6
cat1 7
baat3 8
gau2 9
sap6 10
baak3 100
cin1 1,000
maan6 10,000
jik1 100,000,000
dai6 Ordinal Counting (1st, 2nd, …)
loeng5 2 (Quantities. Used with Classifiers)

Date and Time

Word Pronunciation Meaning
點鐘 dim2 zung1 Hour
fan1 Minute
miu5 Seconds
鐘頭 zung1 tau4 Used for measuring time.
jat6 Day
jyut6 Month
nin4 Year
今日 gam1 jat6 Today
噚日 cam4 jat6 Yesterday
聽日 ting1 jat6 Tomorrow
舊年 gau6 nin2 Last Year
今年 gam1 nin4 This Year
出年 ceot1 nin2 Next Year
seoi3 Age (Years Old)
bun3 Half
而家 ji4 gaa1 Now
好耐 hou2 noi6 A long time
朝早 ziu1 zou2 In the morning
夜晚 je6 maan5 Night


Word Pronunciation Meaning
顏色 ngaan4 sik1 Color
藍色 laam4 sik1 Blue
紅色 hung4 sik1 Red
黃色 wong4 sik1 Yellow
黑色 hak1 sik1 Black
白色 baak6 sik1 White
橙色 caang2 sik1 Orange
粉紅色 fan2 hung4 sik1 Pink
啡色 fe1 sik1 Brown
紫色 zi2 sik1 Purple
綠色 luk6 sik1 Green
金色 gam1 sik1 Gold
銀色 ngan4 sik1 Silver